My Name is Hafiz Kalid and I am here to raise funds for my family.

The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted the life of a number of people and imposed harsh conditions on people who are fighting to survive on a day to day basis. One such person is Hafiz Kalid Mohammad Naddaf who lives in Bhoisar, Maharashtra. He works as a recruiter and provides for his family which consists of his wife and 4 children. He hasn’t received salary since March 2020 as his company has closed off.

His savings are fast dwindling up and with no salary; he is faced with uncertainty as to how to pay the house rent, electricity bill and food supplies for the upcoming months. The current batch of NGOs and organizations are focusing their effortson migrant workers and poor sections of the society. People like Hafiz with middle class background are in a fix. Despite having approached hundreds of NGOs and organizations no one willing to provide him loan. He needs a total of 37800 rupees so that his family can survive the next 4 months.

”I am a proud man; I don’t want free money as I am capable of working, but this situation has left me helpless with no choice. I am ready to pay off the loan once my company opens up and starts paying salary but I have faced rejections everywhere” says Hafiz in a disheartened tone.

Help Hafiz tide over this unfortunate crisis by donating money as a loan and give him a fighting chance to provide for his family whilst maintaining his dignity.

Let’s ensure that he will not become a helpless victim and that we as a society do our bit towards the unfortunate ones.


You can directly transfer the fund into our Bank A/C in Indian Rupees in the following details:

A/C No.: 22212122004262
A/C Holder Name: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Foundation
IFSC Code: ORBC0102221
Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce

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